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Home for Mentally and Physically Handicapped

Casa Caritas Residents

Mentally and Physically handicapped Child Care We have 42 Full-time residents and 5 day care. Ages of the residents vary between 8 and 39 years of age. 97% of the residents are severely mentally and physically handicapped and all of them require fulltime attendance to their needs 24 hours per day having to be fed, changed and in most cases moved about. They are unable to render any assistance to themselves.

Each one has their own personality, likes and dislikes in spite of their shortcomings. Marius Bekker is a good example, he refuses to take his medication if he cannot see a "nana" (Lollipop) to be given afterwards. Ilonka loves receiving new clothes and then refuses to take them off once she has fitted it! She also loves dolls and being a "mommy"!!

Casa Caritas Parents Lounge 4% of the residents go home for weekends on a regular basis, either each weekend or every 2nd weekend.
Some of them receive visits from their parents at the center. We have a lounge fitted out with seating and furniture making it close to home, where they can spend time with their loved ones in a private environment.

The only real home some of them know is Casa Caritas, where they are cared for with compassion and love.

Most people are uneasy to come face to face with a severely handicapped person but we look past their shortcomings and see them as 'normal' each in their own way.

Laughing Child The average life expectancy of a mentally and physically disabled person is normally about 16 years of age however as a result of outstanding care given to the residents a large percentage of them are older than sixteen. Our oldest resident passed on at 43 years old.

We invite the public to visit our home… this is a reality and should be seen, not just ignored.

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