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Home for Mentally and Physically Handicapped

Activities for our residents

Our residents also participate in the day to day activities of the home as in the case of any 'normal' person.
Spend some time to see how they cope....

Bath Time at Casa Caritas

The residents are usually bathed in the morning when they are still fresh and not yet tired and irritable.

Award winnig photo by Annemarie Haasbroek

The resident's food has to be mashed because they find it difficult to chew.
Here Onelia is being fed by Lezette van Jaarsveld from ABSA.

Residant enjoying playtime

The residents enjoy playing outside in the sun.

Relaxing in the warm sun outside

The residents enjoy being taken for a walk by members of the staff or just relaxing outside.

Remedial Therapy.

A vital aspect of the centre is to assist in the development of the residents by providing intensive therapy programs, which include physio and stimulation.

Spastic muscles or muscles that are taut are some of the problems suffered by the residents. The problem is so severe that in some cases the fingers, knees and wrists are permanently distorted, especially in cases where residents are admitted at a developed stage. Damage appears on the opposite side of the body to where the brain damage is.

The house-mothers who are responsible for the residents are specially trained to undertake the necessary therapy, which is monitored by the visiting physiotherapist. Each residents program is individually planned.

Many of the residents have improved in a short period of time. Some have learnt to sit, how to straighten their legs and lift their heads. Continuous therapy is given on a daily basis.

It's also obvious that they enjoy these exercises tremendously.
Internal physiotherapy training is given to the staff by the Nursing Services Manager.

A qualified Physiotherapist visits the centre on a regular basis.

Stimulation Ball

Stimulation Balls

It is used in order to stimulate the back and to prevent the occurrence of spasms. It also enables better blood circulations.

Balance Beam


It is used for balancing and stimulation, for strengthening the legs, arms and back as well as for the promotion of better blood circulations.

Painting and Puzzles.

Painting and Puzzles.

Painting, building puzzles and putting articles together are the only means of mental stimulation that a small percentage of the residents can participate in.



The trampoline is used for stimulations, strengthening the legs, arms and to prevent the occurrence of spasms.

Miemsie Stolp - physiotherapist giving Lung Therapy

Lung Therapy

This is very important as most of the residents experience difficulty in breathing normally due to their physical disabilities.

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