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Residential Home for the Mentally and Physically Disabled

The Casa Caritas Home for Physically and mentally Handicapped Persons is a non-profit and non-racial organization caring for persons mentally and physically impaired who are unable to be trained or educated. The Home has been rendering this service to the community since 1973 caring with compassion and dedication.

The support services we offer our residents include skilled nursing. Our professional, experienced staff develop individualized care plans for each resident.

Without the facilities that Casa Caritas offers, these residents would find life unpleasant and unmanageable because of their disabilities. We offer protection, care and love against the harsh realities and threats of today’s world.

We are so blessed and privileged to have receive a compliment earlier this year from the Department of Health, Gauteng. They informed us that we are one of the best facilities in Gauteng. We strive, every day, to ensure that we do not drop our standards and to be better tomorrow, the day after and for the future.

To tour our facility or obtain additional information regarding admission to Casa Caritas call our Administrator on +27 11 9763457/ 3417 / 072 107 1989 or alternatively visit here to contact us via email.

Funding is a constant challenge to all non-profit organizations, with Casa Caritas being no different. Should you wish to share our vision & ethos of providing life-long residential care, support and skills for persons with mental and physical disabilities contact the administrator or fund-raiser on +27 11 9763457/3417 or alternatively visit here to contact us via email.

Other achievements:

We have been working tirelessly since 13 July 2018 to review all Casa Caritas’ procedures, policies and other documentation to comply with the OSHAS 18001 safety standard. Casa Caritas obtained the assistance an expert in this field. The safety of residents, staff and visitors has been considered to create a safe living and work place for everyone. It is a slow process, but the progress is good. We are currently busy with a risk assessment to ensure that all the risks are identified and mitigated.

Evacuation drills are done on a monthly basis to ensure everyone knows what to do during a time of an emergency.

Training for all is done twice a week to ensure all our staff members know what is their responsibility in the home and appointments were done to give each a certain duty during the emergency protocol.

Our Staff

The committed staff at Casa Caritas

The staff are devoted to working with the mentally handicapped. Each day is a new challenge to them. This special group of workers are loving, compassionate and have endless patience.

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To provide affordable, adequate, compassionate and total care for 45 mentally and physically disabled persons irrespective of color, religious belief or race.

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