Activities for our residents

Our residents also participate in the day to day activities of the home as in the case of any ‘normal’ person. Spend some time to see how they cope….

Remedial Therapy.

A vital aspect of the center is to assist in the development of the residents by providing stimulation and basic therapy programs.

Spastic muscles or muscles that are taut are some of the problems suffered by the residents. The problem is so severe that in some cases the fingers, knees and wrists are permanently distorted, especially in cases where residents are admitted at a developed stage. Damage appears on the opposite side of the body to where the brain damage is.

The house-mothers who are responsible for the residents are specially trained to undertake the necessary stimulation.

Many of the residents have improved in a short period of time. Some have learnt to sit, how to straighten their legs and lift their heads. Continuous basic therapy is given on a daily basis.

It’s also obvious that they enjoy it tremendously.

A qualified Physiotherapist visits the center on a regular basis. But that is NOT included in our services.

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