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The home undertakes fundraising projects assisted by the staff and governing body. In the current financial climate this is no easy task and does not generate enough funding to enable us to balance the books.

Donations were previously an important source of income but as the economy has weakened, the amounts received in this respect have decreased. It has become increasingly difficult, as numerous charities compete for the dwindling amount of donations.

Money for the salaries of the staff and the maintenance of the building and grounds must be found by the Home itself. Like all other welfare institutions in the country, Casa Caritas, is dependent on the money and compassion of the good Samaritans in society for its survival. Very few parents can afford to pay for more than just the care of their own disabled resident.

We dare not drop our standards of care, because that would defeat the purpose of our existence. We desperately and urgently need the help of everyone who is prepared to contribute, so we can continue with this service to the community.


Any contribution you can make will be gratefully received however large or small. You might choose to make a once-off donation, or you might be prepared to arrange a regular debit order with your bank. We also take in secondhand clothes, household items and any other items you might throw away. All the donations are sorted in the different categories where it can be used, residents, home, shop or MES.


Non-profit organization – 001-893

Welfare – 8441002 60 000

Income tax – 7081097838

Vat – 4180106256

Tax Exemption – 930002794



Please remember us in your will. This is sometimes an easier way to give for those of you who are not in a position to make donations during their lifetime. What a wonderful legacy for your children/grandchildren to remember you by, not to mention how you will have completely changed the lives of people who have absolutely nothing in life.

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We would like to take this opportunity to appeal to you for any assistance that you might be able to give.

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